Please Donate

GirlKIND invites you to share in our mission and goals.  Partner with us through your means and continued financial support.

The Mission of GirlKIND

  • To restore life, value and dignity to girls and women by seeking change in cultural values and societies.
  • To create awareness on the issue of Gendercide and combat Gender Discrimination.
  • To support abandoned & orphaned girls all over the world, creating a better world where every girl matters.


GirlKIND Foundation is a registered & incorporated non-profit organization in BC #S60146 that relies on the financial contributions of faithful individuals.

Effective May 9, 2013, GirlKIND Foundation has been designated as A Charitable Organization through The Canada Revenue Agency. Our Business Number is 80498 9101 RR0001

This is great news for our organization as we continue to focus on our purposes and goals. We welcome individuals and companies to come forward and help us bring an end to the injustice of "Gendercide and gender discrimination," that so many females face. If you would like to contribute or become a sponsor please contact us and let's create a better world where EVERY GIRL MATTERS. Donations will be issued a tax deductible receipt.