Gendercide Info & Resources

What is Gendercide?

Gendercide refers to the systematic elimination of a gender group, usually female. It is especially prevalent in India, China and other regions of Southeast Asia,. This gender based killing takes several forms, including selective abortion, infanticide, severe malnutrition, medical neglect, abandonment and dowry related murders. Because this type of crime often takes place within private households, it is often not widely recognized or acknowledged.
Where does gendercide occur?

The gendercide occurring in India and China is of particular concern because of the
sheer size of their population. However, gendercide has been recorded as
occurring in the following areas: East Asia; China, Vietnam, Singapore, and Taiwan
South Asia, India, Syria, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia Eastern Europe
Albania,Romania, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Macedonia North Africa Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria SubSaharan Africa most countries U.S./Canada/Western Europe primarily within Asian expatriate communities

What are the ratios of men to women in India and China today?

India: In 1986, Dr. Amartya Sen used census data to estimate that 37 million women were
“missing” from the Indian population. Today the number is closer to 50 million.
The most recent Indian census data from 2011 show s the situation is only getting worse. There are now 914 girls aged 0 6 years old for every 1,000 boys of the same age, which is down from 927 in the previous census in 2001). In some regions in India like the state of Haryana, the number is as low as 830

China: Statistics show that for every 120 males born in China today, 100 females
are born.This figure becomes even more troubling in some provinces with
ratios as high as 130 males to 100 females (Economist).To put this ratio in
perspective we can compare it to the generally accepted rate of 103 107 males
for every 100 girls. Internationally: Estimates of the total number of “missing” women vary, but many demographers cite 117 million women “missing” today. Others quote a
figure as high as 163 million. Some UN sources have cited as many as 200 million.

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