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Every Girl Matters Day 2020 | Celebrated

This year we celebrated our Every Girl Matters Day a little differently.  This pandemic has made us do things in an altered fashion and without the large gatherings.  We turned our event into a “virtual one,” rather than gathering folks in a closed space.  We streamed our event online via The Reach’s Facebook page and marked the official day at The Reach with a small group of individuals. 

We ran an online Kindness Matters contest where we encouraged individuals to share their stories of kindness during this pandemic. Thank you to everyone that took part and congrats to all the winners:  Elliotte won the Samsung Tablet and June & Sofia were awarded secondary prizes for their stories.

As we get through Covid 19, we encourage you all to spread kindness wherever and whenever.  We hope that 2021 will be brighter and we look forward to continuing to help build up our community and look forward to connecting with you during better times. Thank you all again!