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Every Girl Matters Day 2022 | Marked


Today marks our 10th year of marking this day as Every Girl Matters Day in conjunction with the Day of the Girl. It has been an amazing journey and has taught us many lessons along the way. Standing up for what you believe in and for others can be challenging in so many ways, but we believe using our voice and advocating for positive change is our responsibility.

Over the past 10 years we have been able to be an advocate for equal opportunities for girls and help shape our communities through various ways including: education & dialogue, inspiration through art, care drives, scholarships, and community advocacy for making a better world by changing our thinking and through our actions.

For this year’s Every Girl Matters Day, we gifted a Chromebook to a deserving Abbotsford youth, in addition we will be working with local and abroad organizations to help provide useful items for women and girls. 
If you would like to get involved or contribute, please reach out. Thank you so much to our community members that have been dedicated supporters to allow us to work towards creating more equal societies and making a difference in our own way. 💕



Thank you to Principal Johnston and Vice Principal Kemp at William Fraser Middle for making this happen.